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We all spend more time on a digital screen that emits artificial blue light rays. According to studies, the average screen time we spend is more than 7 hours. Here is the importance of wearing blue light glasses in our day to life.

Benefits of blue light
benefits of blue light glasses

Here are few benefits of blue light glasses

  • Improve your sleep
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Reduces cataracts or retinal damage.
  • It prevents bad mental health.


Improve your sleep with Blue light glasses

Usage of gadgets disrupts your sleep because blue light rays hold back the body’s production of sleep. Blue light rays stimulate sensors in your eyes to send strong signals to the brain to keep awake because it blocks a hormone called Melatonin which makes you feel sleepy. Poor sleep increases the chance of heart disease type 2 diabetes, obesity

However, it is better to avoid using the screen without wearing blue light glasses.

 Tips to improve Sleep

  • Avoid bright light before sleep
  • Avoid being exposed to blue light with the help of blue light blue glasses
  • Avoid using alcohol before sleep
  • Avoid using caffeine before sleep


     Benefits of blue light glasses

    Reduce eye strain with Blue light glasses

    Eye strain is caused by excessive usage of gadgets that emitted blue light and also it may cause computer vision syndrome.

    Here are a few symptoms of digital eye strain, eye twitching, eye pain, light sensitivity, dry eyes, blurred vision, or doubled vision. Designer quality blue light glasses help to avoid eye strain caused by blue light.

    Tips of Reduce eye strain

    • Frequent eye blinking
    • Regular eye check-up
    • Monitor cleaning
    • Wearing blue light glasses 
    benefits of blue light glasses

    Reduce cataracts or retinal damage with Blue light glasses

    The retina is the layer that receives the light and it is the innermost layer of the eyes.

    Here are a few symptoms of retinal damage: dim vision, blurry vision, flashlight, distorted control vision. Damage caused to the eyes by photo toxicity is caused due to exposure to blue light.

    Research shows that blue light may increase the risk of muscular degeneration and diseases of the retina. Premium quality glasses help us to filter 30-50% of blue light. 

     Tips to reduce retinal damage caused by Blue light

    • Reduce eyes strain
    • Avoid using gadgets without wearing blue light glasses
    • Adjust screen Brightness
    • Set a timer to rest your eyes.


    benefits of blue light glasses

    Blue Light Glasses
    prevents from bad mental health

    Studies say too much blue light makes you feel anxious, stressed and depressed because continuous usage of technology without wearing blue light affects your sleep and it causes unstable mental health.

    Insomnia is one of the important mental disorders caused by overexposure to blue light. Insomnia is caused due to lack of sleep.

    Tips to avoid bad mental disorder caused by blue light

    • Limit screen time
    • Wear blue light glasses
    • Adjust screen brightness
    • Take break from screen


    Blue light glasses are specially designed to filter the harmful blue-violet spectrum of visible light that is emitted from digital screens. We are living in a digital world, we cannot avoid using digital screens which emit blue light rays. Taking proper precautions can help you to avoid any negative impact on your health, “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.

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