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Myths and Facts about blue light

What is blue light?? -

What is blue light?

Blue light is a colour of the visible light spectrum that has a higher amount of energy. Blue light is present everywhere around us. Before the sun was the only source of blue light but now all the digital screens emit blue light which in fact affects our eyes. In our day-to-day life, we expose ourselves to an excessive amount of blue light produced from the digital screen which is unnatural and harmful.

Headache, eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, trouble sleeping are the few symptoms of overexposure to blue light. Here comes the use of blue light glasses.


What are blue light glasses?

Blue light filter glasses are specially designed to filter out blue light with the help of U.V coating. Designer quality blue light glasses have the ability to block 30-50% of blue light. Since it is a digital world we cannot stop or avoid using smartphones or computers. So blue light glasses help us the healthy usage of gadget which emits blue light rays. Digital eye strain and dry eyes are some of the widest spread medical conditions.

So now let us discuss the Facts and Myths about blue light glasses.

Myths of blue light 


  • Blue light is only emitted from digital devices
  • Blue light is not only emitted by digital screens but the fact is, Sun is the main source of blue light. Being exposed to blue light doesn’t cause any problem unless we spend more time on the gadget which emits blue light.

  • All blue light is bad for eyes.
  • All blue light is not bad or harmful. It is harmful when we stare at digital displays for a long time. But we cannot stop the continuous usage of computers or mobile phones so the solution is to wear blue light glasses when we are over-exposed to blue light.


  • There is nothing can be done to protect your eyes from Blue light.
  • All digital screens emit harmful blue light rays which cannot be stopped. And the human eye is not strong enough to block blue light. We can protect our eyes we can use blue light filter glasses which are special designed to block harmful blue light rays.


  • Staring at mobile screens doesn’t damage your eyes.
  • Staring at mobile screen damage your eyes because according to studies we spend more than 4 to 5 hours on mobile phones or computer and it had increased during this COVID pandemic. Blue light causes damage to the retina the more vital part of the eyes.


    Facts of blue light 

  • Your eyes are not strong enough to block blue light.
  • Harmful Blue light emitted from digital displays hurts the retina which is the light-sensitive and innermost part of the eyes and hence our eyes cannot block those harmful blue light rays.


  • Blue light case sleep disorder
  • Blue light case sleep disorder because blue light sends a strong signal to the brain to keep our body to be awake by blocking sleep hormone called Melatonin and poor sleep cause mental and health disorder.


  • Blue light cases Digital eye strain.
  • Human eyes cannot block blue light and stare at digital screens for a long time can cause computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain. The symptoms of eye strain are sore eyes blurred vision and headaches.


  • It increases the chance of muscular degeneration.
  • Since eyes cannot block blue light rays, prolonged exposure to blue light can cause retinal damage digital eye strain and it may lead to muscular degeneration and vision loss.


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