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How does blue light glasses work?

How does blue light glasses work?

Are you worried about your health due to blue light rays emitted from digital screens? We can reduce the effect of blue light wearing blue light glasses.

Premium quality blue light glasses are specially designed to block the blue light by using microlayer technology, anti-reflective coating, and quality material.

Micro layer technology- Micro layer blocks the way light is transmitted or reflected so these glasses are specially designed to absorb or reflect the precise group of wavelengths.

Anti-Reflective Coating- Anti-reflective material is used as the coating in your blue light lenses. U.V coating is used as the anti-reflective coating to minimize the amount of blue light reflected away from the eyes.

Lens Material- It is important to consider what materials are used for blue light glasses. Blue light glass is used with the composition of monomer (this material is used in the fabrication of plastic lens) and with benzene then adding a polymerization initiator to the polymer to react with the polymer.

How does it work?

Blue light glasses block 30-50% of blue light emitted from digital screens. Blue light glasses block blue light emitted from digital displays. These glasses don’t allow blue light to pass into our eyes.

Blue light glasses protect our eyes from the side effect of blue light such as digital eye strain, headache, dry eyes, computer down syndrome, and blurred vision.

These glasses have an anti-reflective coating that blocks reflection from both the front and backside of the lens and reducing screen glare.  Some lenses are tinted to boost screen contrast and make it easier to see images.

Required to wear blue light glasses all time?

importance of wearing blue light glasses

Required to wear blue light glasses all time?

Blue light is not only produced from digital screens but the fact is the sun is the main source of blue light but it doesn’t affect our eyes or health and all blue light is not harmful.

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Blue light is more harmful when we stair for a long time on phones, T.V s, computer iPad, and all types of digital screens which emits blue light rays which in fact holds back the production of the body’s sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin.


Blue light glasses are designed and fabricated to block harmful blue light rays with help of U.V coating.  Wearing these glasses helps us to protect our eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. 

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